Declutter For Good

As we approach the winter months and we declutter our wardrobes ready for new purchases , plus must have items and we are making notes for the up and coming festive spending frenzy can we do an additional pile instead of the usual bin and charity shop ..

Can we add in some of these particular niche charities which often get over looked or just add some extra items to your basket……..

Smalls for All is a Scottish Charity which collects and distributes underwear to help women and children in Africa. We help those living in orphanages, slums, IDP camps and schools, as well as providing underwear to hospitals to help those suffering from medical conditions like obstetric fistula.

Bras….. If you’re having a clear out –please note that most charity shops don’t take bras but as they often cost us a lot of money they are too nice to throw in the bin. Smalls for All will send the unwanted bras to African villages to improve hygiene and prevent the rape of young girls as wearing a bra in some villages is a sign of wealth, status and power. If the bra is too tatty they recycle the material and metal to raise money to buy these young girls new knickers as some of the girls only have one pair and others have none what so ever. Not nice when you’re a young girl starting her periods.

So if you’re throwing away your old bras please send them here instead

108 Buchanan Crescent,
 Eliburn, Livingston,
EH54 7EF. United Kingdom.

Next up if you’re buying your usual toiletries can you throw in some extra deodorant, toilet paper, tampons, sanitary towels ,soap etc. and drop it off at your local food bank or TrussellTrust  – we all forget those basic needs and if you’re in poverty some toothpaste and soap and can be a life saver……

Next up Bloody Good Period  . … period poverty is real this fabulous and very practical charity gives menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees & those who can't afford them.

So just add a little extra to your shopping cart and make a huge difference to people who really need it

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