4160 Tuesdays Favourites

If you’re looking for something a little different, your own signature scent, one which people ask where your perfume is from then try 4160 Tuesdays. This is the total opposite to the usual designer fragrances where everyone knows what scent you’re wearing

These delicious scents are made by the fabulous Sarah McCartney, each scent is from a limited batches of 50-200 bottles and I totally adore the names………

4160 Tuesdays Pillow Talk Eau de Parfum Spray from £80.00 - £120.00 Escentual (Shop Now)

Like an intimate embrace, 4160 Tuesdays Pillow Talk Eau de Parfum enwraps skin in tactile warmth. Originally created to be sprayed onto pillows as an aphrodisiac, Pillow Talk is the sensual scent of shared secrets, perfect to wear all over at times of heightened seduction.  Fresh citrus fruits and light blossom, seductive jasmine and sandalwood, softened with musk and a hint of vanilla.
Our fragrance expert says:
“Pillow talk is a bit of a sexy little number. It pairs the erotic tones of white flowers, namely jasmine and ylang ylang, with smooth woods and pepper to make a dreamy fragrance that feels soft, but hot at the same time. I’m happy to let this pillow do the talking.”
Top Notes: Yuzu, Orange Blossom
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Black Pepper

4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent On The Planet. Ever. (IMHO) Eau de Parfum Spray from £60.00 - £90.00 Escentual (Shop Now)

Unassuming and sensuous, 4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (IMHO) Eau de Parfum is a fragrance to be enjoyed up close. Smooth, soft and seductive, it opens with the surprising scent of sweet, tart lemon meringue pie, then smoulders down to velvety woods. It’s a great perfume to take out with you and add a layer of scented sensuality for evening. A fragrance with which to woo and be wooed.
Our fragrance expert says:
“First things first, you need a bottle of this in your life. Secondly, the name is delivered with tongue firmly pressed in cheek, so don’t get snotty. This is the smoothest and most satisfying vanilla fragrance. It’s sweet, spicy and powdery, with oodles of bergamot, cedar wood and ISO E Super (an ingredient that makes things super smooth) to make a warm and comforting skin scent. Oh, and it’s super sexy too!”
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon Meringue
Heart Notes: Wood, Modern Amber
Base Notes: Vanilla, Ambergris

4160 Tuesdays The Dark Heart Of Old Havana Eau de Parfum Spray from £60.00 - £90.00 Escentual (Shop Now)

Take a scented walk through the streets of La Habana with 4160 Tuesdays The Dark Heart of Old Havana Eau de Parfum. This rich and intoxicating fragrance takes you from the Hotel Sevilla to the Caseon del Tango, where dances, smiles and songs are traded like currency. A fruity oriental aroma described as ‘an adult vanilla', with wafts of coffee and tobacco, sweet, sugary desserts cooked with baskets of oranges and mangoes.
Our fragrance expert says:
“Most perfume houses would be tempted to showcase the more pleasant side of an exotic destination such as Cuba, but not 4160 Tuesdays. Sarah McCartney tells stories and paints pictures with her fragrances, and The Dark Heart of Old Havana is a rich tapestry of vanilla, stewed fruits and tobacco that isn’t afraid to celebrate the darker, and slightly less aesthetically pleasing aspects of a richly cultured city. Check this out if you’re an olfactory renegade.”
Top Notes: Orange, Peach, Grapefruit, Sugar
Heart Notes: Tobacco, Bergamot, Tonka, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Black Pepper

4160 Tuesdays Shazam! Eau de Parfum Spray from £60.00 - £90.00 Escentual (Shop Now)

Inspired by the true Oriental fragrances of the far East, 4160 Tuesdays Shazam! Eau de Parfum has a rich and enveloping aroma. A proper amber Oriental, the scent of the Marrakesh spice market fresh oranges and incense, unmistakably exotic.
Top Notes: Basil, Tangerine, Juniper Berry
Heart Notes: Atlas Cedar, Pink Peppercorn, Cardamom, Frankincense
Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Cocoa Absolute

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