Iona Crawford

A graduate of the acclaimed Edinburgh College of Art, Scottish artist and designer Iona Crawford established her namesake brand in 2007. Inspired by her rural Stirlingshire upbringing, Iona Crawford homewares feature patterns inspired by the beauty of nature and are translated directly from canvas to print from her townhouse Atelier in Glasgow’s leafy west end.

Iona Crawford’s designer wallpaper and luxury cushion collection is available at Houseology

Iona Crawford Kingfisher Wallpaper from £220.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Let your design scheme thrive with the Iona Crawford Kingfisher Wallpaper.
An alluring accent for Luxe interior schemes, this distinctive designer wallcovering forms part of Iona Crawford's Wild Ostentation collection and is decorated with dark and decadent imagery.
Adding a touch of luxury to lounge and lobby areas, this luxury wallpaper features an exquisite print of charming kingfisher birds.
Known internationally as a symbol of peace and prosperity, the electric blue kingfishers create a charming interior accent that exudes a feeling of enviable restrained opulence.

Iona Crawford Alan Wallpaper from £220.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Created by Scottish designer Iona Crawford, this designer wallpaper features a graceful symmetrical print of Alan the fox.
Perfect for scaling up vacant wall decor and creating a fantastic feature wall, the painterly colour palette invites a subtle gradient of colour to neutral design schemes.
With hints of red for a touch of warming vibrancy, the soothing colours promote a sense of timeless beauty and interior harmony.

Iona Crawford Ossian Wallpaper from £220.00 Harrods (Shop Now)

Scale up your wall decor with the Iona Crawford Ossian Wallpaper collection.
A unique expression of contemporary style, this designer wallpaper collection by Scottish designer Iona Crawford offers a feature wall focal point to remember!
Instead of displaying the elaborate fan plumage of peacock feathers, this dynamic minimalist-meets-maximalist design depicts the graceful neck of a peacock and his signature coiffed hair.
Repeated to create a kaleidoscopic effect, the geometric peacock pattern is brightly decorated in hues of blue and green, exerting Iona Crawford's unmistakable charm.

Iona Crawford Cuvee Rose Wallpaper from £220.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Revive your interior with the colour and vibrancy of the Iona Crawford Cuvee Rose Wallpaper collection.
Merging modernity with luxury, this kaleidoscopic effect pattern deconstructs the vivid beauty of Scotland's landscape.
Innovatively digitally printed, the Cuvee Rose cushion holds an expressive contemporary design adorned with a bright and colourful print of white, pink and purple hues.
Originally developed in partnership with Laurent Perrier champagne for a capsule fashion collection, the design has been reinterpreted to create a wallcovering with a timeless, opulent aesthetic.

Iona Crawford Wilderness Wallpaper from £220.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Transform your space with vibrancy and elegance of the Iona Crawford Wilderness Wallpaper collection.
Deconstructing the palette of botanical greenhouses, this dynamic designer wallpaper features a high impact green kaleidoscopic effect design interjected with calming undertones of black and blue.
The burst of different colours and shapes makes this print a true celebration of nature which represents the signature fine art aesthetic of Iona Crawford's renowned painterly style.

Iona Crawford Poise Wallpaper from £220.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Scale up your interior with the striking visual presence of the Iona Crawford Poise Wallpaper collection.
From a distance, this distinctive designer wallpaper collection features a neutral grid design.
Upon closer inspection, the dynamic decoration reveals a beautifully detailed print with fascinating textures and colours.
The collection represents a translation of Iona Crawford's signature painterly artworks inspired by her rural Stirlingshire upbringing and her passion for fine art.

Iona Crawford & Andrew Fairlie Entangle Cushion Velvet £120.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Revive your interior with the unique contemporary style of the Iona Crawford & Andrew Fairlie Entangle Cushion Velvet.
Based upon original artworks by renowned Scottish designer Iona Crawford, Entangle is a wonderfully intriguing pattern of knots, twigs and plant fronds.
A creative collaboration between Iona Crawford and Michelin chef Andrew Fairlie for their coveted 'Our Secret Garden' collection, this designer cushion is the perfect accent to breathe new life into lounge areas or luxury bed linen
The design has been inspired by the walled Victorian gardens of Andrew's Gleneagles restaurant which is filled to the brim with rare and remarkable plants and ingredients.

Iona Crawford & Andrew Fairlie Ripe Cushion Velvet £120.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Style up your contemporary interior with the Iona Crawford & Andrew Fairlie Ripe Cushion Velvet.
Based on original artworks by Scottish designer Iona Crawford, this designer cushion features a high impact graphic design.
Ripe is a deceptive repeat of rusty red bashed circles that could be mistaken for slices of red pepper or fiery red chillies but which are in fact inspired by glasshouse taps.
Part of a unique collaboration between Iona Crawford and renowned chef Andrew Fairlie from the coveted 'Our Secret Garden' collection, the design has been cultivated organically from a shared, deep-rooted love of nature and the Scottish landscape.

Iona Crawford Kelpies Cushion Velvet £95.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Based upon one of the best-known public artworks in Scotland, this designer cushion is influenced by the iconic galvanised steel Kelpies horse statues of figurative Scottish sculptor, Andy Scott.
30-metres high, the sculptures are situated in Falkirk and are the largest equine sculptures in the world, paying homage to the historical working horses of Scotland's canals.
Collaboratively created with Andy Scott, Iona has transformed her hand painted artworks into a digitally applied cotton twill design.
Depicting two mythical creatures, 'Kelpie' is the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit animal native to the lochs and pools of Scotland.
Holding a striking graphic quality, the monochrome effect of the cushion is presented in a choice of contrast colourways and each one features border detailing and a Luxe velvet backing for ultimate indulgence.

Iona Crawford Farquhar Feathers Cushion Cotton Twill Velvet £70.00 Houseology (Shop Now)

Impactful and colourful, this indulgent designer cushion features a peacock feather design inspired by the captivating feathered myriad of colour which exists within the bird kingdom.
Arranged to create a kaleidoscopic effect. the cushion celebrates the vibrancy of strutting plumage, graceful movement and glistening peacock feather fans mirrored by jewel-like tones.
Based on original hand painted artworks by renowned Scottish designer Iona Crawford, this luxury cushion is made from cotton twill with a Luxe navy velvet reverse.
Perfect for brightening pared back minimalist schemes its digitally printed pattern is adorned with radiant hues of blue and green.
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