The best, classic cocktails are always simple things, with no more than two or three core ingredients. Gin and dry vermouth; whiskey, sugar, and bitters; rye, sweet vermouth and bitters; white rum, sugar, and lime juice; tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice; cognac.

Made with care and quality ingredients, they are delicious 100 percent of the time, and with a  well-stocked home bar when entertaining you can delight your guests with a wide variety of drinks , so take your pick from these delicious liqueurs

Chartreuse Green £26.99 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

Herbal, distinctive, intriguing – many have tried to identify the flavours of Chartreuse. The recipe is unchanged since 1605 and the identity of the 130 herbs that give its unique taste are still a mystery.

Ricard Pastis de Marseille £20.00 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

To reveal the delicacy of the anise, the fresh taste of the liquorice and the subtle Provence herbs, we suggest you add five parts of water to one part of Ricard, plus a few ice cubes

Campari Negroni £20.00 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

Enjoy this fascinating, Italian classic cocktail, crafted following the original Negroni recipe invented nearly 100 years ago in Florence

White Heron British Cassis £19.99 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

Sweet at first taste, before the irresistibly sharp after-kick, British Cassis is the perfect aperitif served straight, over ice, twists beautifully into fizzing champagne or prosecco and is decadent in cocktails.

Cointreau Blood Orange £17.00 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

It’s a bold and vibrant new twist on a classic, with expressive notes of rich citrus due to the concentration of flavour in the peels. A clear spirit made from 100%-natural ingredients, this is fantastic with (and in) orange desserts.

Kahlua Salted Caramel £15.50 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

Kahlúa Salted Caramel captures the essence of summer with sweet caramel, a salty hint, and the flavour of 100% Arabica coffee blended with sugarcane rum. Serve in classic cocktails or, for a refreshing experience, try it in your iced coffee!

Baileys Chocolat Luxe £12.00 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

Wonderful rich and creamy like Baileys original, but with sumptuous layers of dark Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey, cream and madagascan vanilla combining to produce a luxurious and velvety experience.

Gabriel Boudier Cherry Brandy £13.99 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

This is made using a careful slow maceration of three varieties of cherries harvested in Burgundy and Italy. Premium French brandy is used, which is then infused with cloves, black vanilla, almond and zest of orange.

Gabriel Boudier Curaçao Triple Sec £13.99 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

Small oranges from Curaçao are used to make this well-balanced liqueur from France. Gabriel has made this Triple Sec according to an original recipe, requiring careful distillation of orange zest with fine alcohol.

Amarula Cream Liqueur, South Africa £12.50 Waitrose Cellar (Shop Now)

The ripe fruit of the marula tree is picked during the height of the South African summer. It's then distilled into liquor and added to the highest-quality cream to make this delicious and unusual liqueur.
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