CARV Digital Ski Coach and Tracker

Introducing your new digital ski coach

CARV is the world’s first ski wearable that teaches you how to improve your technique, whether an amateur or professional.

The smart inserts and Bluetooth tracker work seamlessly together to give you real-time actionable audio instruction, via your earphones. You can also look at your performance at the end of each run with detailed analysis of your skiing directly on your smartphone.

CARV Digital Ski Coach and Tracker £279.00 Amazon (Shop Now)

Real-Time Ski Instruction

Improve your skiing with real-time audio feedback after every turn. Get personalised skiing tips developed alongside Olympians and world class ski instructors, associated with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).

CARV analyses your balance, edging, rotation and pressure in real-time to give you a Ski:IQ. With

CARV's leaderboards, compete and connect with friends and family anywhere so you can finally settle who really is the better skier.

CARV is your personal ski coach you can access at any time.

Detailed Technique Analysis

CARV’s pressure and motion sensors give you a detailed analysis and breakdown of your technique after every run. Whether you are leaning too far back or your turns aren't symmetrical, CARV will tell you and give you customised tips to perfect your technique.

The dedicated app shows you your metrics alongside optimal target zones, produced from top-level ski instructor’s data, to give you a new perspective on your skiing.

CARV will also track your entire day on the mountain including; max speed, distance as well as every run you charge down!

The Most High-Tech Ski Wearable

The ultra-thin smart inserts feature 48 pressure and 9-axis motion sensors per foot. Combined, they provide 35 real-time metrics that means CARV knows exactly what is happening in your ski boot.

CARV's waterproof and durable insert fits with all boot manufacturers and models.
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