Delicious No Guilt Chocolate... Yes Please

I have just found this small, new business The Chicken Shed, that is passionate about making great tasting chocolate, using only ingredients that do you good (you know as part of a balanced diet of course).

 They make sure that what goes into their chocolate is as nutrient-rich as possible, and as close to nature as it can be. All their chocolate is organic, contains no added sugar, and all the bars are dairy-free. They use sustainably harvested, raw, organic honey rather than refined sugar and work the chocolate at a lower temperature than is conventionally done so as to keep the nutrients intact.

Simple ingredients are artisanally crafted into beautiful raw chocolate, sweetened only with fairly traded, raw honey (with a lower GI than refined sugar) to boost your enzyme and antioxidant levels.

So if you love chocolate as much as I do but want to take some of the guilt out of eating it or you have an intolerance you MUST try these sumptuous chocolate bars.

These are my three favorite flavours out of the eight they make...

Organic Cinnamon Spice Chocolate £5.25 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

Wonderfully warming flavours based on a pumpkin spice blend have been added to this bar. Perfect for rainy, cold days, when under the weather or just in need of a little comfort.

Organic Honey And Bee Pollen Chocolate £5.25 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

Hailed as one of nature's superfoods, organic bee pollen in this bar provides extra nourishment, texture and sweetness. Particularly popular with children and those interested in superfoods.

Organic Vanilla Chocolate £4.99 Notonthehighstreet (Shop Now)

A rather generous helping of Madagascan Bourbon vanilla packs a sweet punch in this chocolate bar that is particularly popular among children. Though this is the most conventional of our chocolate, its high-quality ingredients make this no ordinary bar.
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