The Alchemist’s Garden

The Alchemist’s Garden fine fragrance collection is a range of deeply floral scents from Gucci.

The Alchemist's Garden collection of scent is inspired by the science of alchemy and this apothecary-style collection not only smells divine but the bottles themselves are inspired by the Italian farmacia and adorned with tiny flowers, animal illustrations and gold detailing make them beautiful enough to have out on display.

The Alchemist's Garden A Kiss from Violet perfumed oil 20ml £295.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Designed to re-imagine the magic of turning lead into shimmering gold, A Kiss from Violet is a violet-perfumed oil that will have you dreaming of days spent in a garden of flowers. Dab it on your skin to evoke the joys of summer throughout the year. This beautiful perfumed oil also comes in three other scents - The Alchemist's Garden A Nocturnal Whisper perfumed oil 20mlThe Alchemist's Garden A Forgotten Rose perfumed oil 20ml - The Alchemist's Garden Ode on Melancholy perfumed oil 20ml

The Alchemist's Garden Winter's Spring eau de parfum 100ml £240.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Winter's Spring has uplifting floral notes with a little kick. This style of bottle also comes in four other beautiful scents too - The Alchemist's Garden Tears of Iris Eau de Parfum 100ml -  The Alchemist's Garden The Virgin Violet eau de parfum 100ml - The Alchemist's Garden The Last Day of Summer eau de parfum 100ml - The Alchemist's Garden The Eyes of the Tiger eau de parfum 100ml

The Alchemist's Garden A Song for the Rose Eau de Parfum 100ml £240.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

A Song for the Rose has a fresh, burgeoning floral and musk notes.

The Alchemist's Garden The Voice of the Snake eau de parfum 100ml £240.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

The Voice of the Snake has brooding wood and leather notes.

The Alchemist's Garden Moonlight Serenade eau de toilette 150ml £180.00 Selfridges (Shop Now)

Gucci Moonlight Serenade is a romantic and deeply floral scent. Presented in a delicately pained ceramic bottle, it carries intoxicating notes of Lavender and Sage, opening up the imagination to magic and mystery, in the wearer, and all who surround her. Indulge your senses for an enchanting garden party or a fairy tale mid-summer wedding, and allow yourself to dream that anything is possible. This style of bottle also has two more scents - The Alchemist's Garden A Winter Melody acqua profumata 150ml - The Alchemist's Garden Fading Autumn Acqua Profumata 150ml
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