Fortnum & Mason Easter Hampers

Easter means chocolate, treats and time with your loved ones, so why not treat you or a special person with a Fortnums hamper packed with all kinds of goodies from wonderful teas to delicious biscuits or fabulous feasts.

Who can resist a sumptuous wicker Fortnum & Mason filled with everything you need to make Easter extra special . 

The Extraordinary Easter Alcohol Free Hamper £125.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Have yourself an extraordinary Easter as this hamper is packed full with a plethora of fine and delicious seasonal offerings from some of Fortnum’s favourites, from Golden Praline Eggs to crumbly biscuits and rich preserves, there is something delicious for everyone to enjoy, with plenty to go around. The Extraordinary Easter Hamper with Alcohol £125.00 (Shop Now)

The Easter Provisions Hamper £150.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Stock your cupboard full with this Easter Provisions Hamper, which comes packed with a spring selection of some of Fortnum’s favourite condiments, preserves, tea and savoury treats aplenty.

The Spring Feast Hamper £350.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

The ultimate in Easter feasting awaits you with this Spring Feast Hamper. This hamper is packed full with all the essentials needed for an unforgettable Easter feast. Enjoy sweet and savoury delights such as Smoked Salmon and Simnel Cake, along with tipples such as our Blanc de Blancs Champagne and Easter Tea, there’s plenty to go around.

The Easter Basket £85.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Never mind the age-old question of the chicken or the egg, at Fortnum’s, feasting comes first. Packed inside this beautiful wicker are treats enough to make any sweet tooth happy, from golden praline eggs and moreish biscuit creations to our fruity, jam-packed jars and Easter tea blend, all there to make your breakfast table extraordinary.

The Easter Brunch Hamper £85.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

At no time of year is there a better excuse to charge your cups and forks for a scrumptious brunch. Luckily, this fully laden hamper is filled with a selection of delicious morning feast essentials from Easter tea to biscuits to sweet preserves and more.

The Happy Easter Basket £60.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Enjoy this small but fully packed wicker with a taste of Fortnum’s Easter, with treats aplenty, from rainbow eggs to hot cross bun shortbread and more.

The Spring Celebration Basket £100.00 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Celebrate spring with this delicious basket packed full of many a delightful treat. Enjoy such delicacies as our Amaretto, Apricot & Almond Loaf Cake, with a cup of our Breakfast Blend Tea and many more treats await in this celebration of spring.
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