Pai Vegan Skincare Essentials

Founded by Sarah Brown in 2007, Pai Skincare has become the premium choice for those who’ve tried everything in their search for skin confidence.

Pai's gentle but effective skin care restores calm to sensitive skin of all kinds - including skin types prone to Acne, Eczema and Rosacea.

Every Pai product is made in London, using only the highest quality plant ingredients and Pai have a strict policy against common irritants, harsh preservatives and synthetic ingredients.Pai Skincare is certified organic by the Soil Association, accredited by the Vegan Society and BUAV Leaping Bunny against animal testing.

Pai Back To Life Hydration Serum £42.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Specifically formulated for sensitive and Eczema-prone skin, this Back To Life Hydrating Serum is carefully designed to provide hydration without irritation and sinks into skin as quickly and deeply as possible.
Using a combination of natural ingredients, this serum helps skin to retain water, for a complexion that feels comforted and looks full of life.

Pai Echium & Macadamia Replenish Age Confidence Cream £60.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Pai believe beauty has no age limit, their Age Confidence range delivers a super-charged dose of omegas, vitamins and antioxidants to boost and maintain the health of sensitive skin as it ages.
This Age Confidence Cream contains carefully selected plant extracts that replace the natural oils that deplete as we age to comfort and condition very dry and mature sensitive skin.

Pai Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Skin Tonic £30.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

The exact pH of healthy skin, Pai's Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Tonic is specially formulated to refresh and rebalance combination sensitive skin after cleansing and throughout the day.
Using the nutrient-dense 'living water' which circulates within the Rice plant, this tonic is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help improve skin tone and texture, while Rosemary extract helps to purify skin prone to congestion.

Pai Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream £18.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Bringing intensive and long-lasting hydration to very dry and chapped hands, Pai's sensitive skin-friendly Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream is free from alcohol (denat.), artificial fragrance and other common irritants.
Using CO2 supercritically extracted Sea Buckthorn packed with Carotenoids and Omegas 3 & 7, and Fragonia for a subtle spicy citrus scent, Pai's soothing hand Cream helps to protect hands from just about everything the day throws at them.

Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser £30.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

This Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleansing Cream gently removes dirt, make-up and other impurities that build up on your skin throughout the day.
Bursting with Omegas 6 & 9 and Vitamin E, it replenishes the skin's moisture barrier, leaving it soft and supple.
The dual textured Cloth allows you to switch between a gently exfoliating Muslin for thorough cleansing, and an ultra-soft terry side for sensitive areas.

Pai Head To Toe Hero Buriti Balm £22.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

More than a match for very dry or irritated skin, Pai's buttery Head To Toe Buriti Balm helps to bring comfort and relief to troubled areas; from lips and hands to elbows and feet.
The non-sticky and non-greasy formula is packed with nourishing organic plant oils to soften the skin and nutrient-rich Buriti Oil to soothe the appearance of irritated skin.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil £24.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

The ultimate skin multi-tasker for sensitive skin, Pai's Rosehip BioRegenerate Facial Oil deeply conditions to improve firmness, elasticity and clarity.
This vibrant oil is packed with Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 which deeply condition the skin, helping to improve the appearance of blemishes, dry patches, dullness, fine lines, scars and sun damage - without irritating reactive skin types.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask £30.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Harnessing the regenerative powers of Pai's iconic Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, this ultra-nourishing face mask revitalises tired skin in under 10 minutes.
The full range of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 in superior CO2 extracted Rosehip Oil feeds tired skin with essential nutrients, for instantly brighter, plumper skin.
Formulated to glide on evenly and polish off easily with the enclosed Muslin Cloth, the buttery cream leaves lacklustre skin soft and dewy.

Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream £32.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Often prone to dryness and irritation, the delicate skin around the eyes needs expert care. Pai's Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream is carefully designed to comfort and hydrate without overloading the skin.
Rich in essential fatty acids, organic Echium helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and keep the delicate eye area hydrated and plumped.

Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Facial Oil £52.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

A super-charged dose of omegas, vitamins and antioxidants, Pai's Age Confidence Facial Oil boosts and maintains the health of sensitive skin as it ages.
This luxurious oil brings together over ten organic oils that deliver the nutrients which naturally deplete as we age, helping to protect the collagen and lipids which keep skin firm.
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