Cookut’s motto is simple: making food that’s good for you, good for the community & good for the environment.

From their electricity-free milk frother and milkshake maker, to their sustainably sourced bamboo cutlery and reusable straws, Cookut’s products will help you make the food you love & show the planet a little love too.

Clouduccino Eco Friendly Milk Frother £19.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Be the barista you always wanted to be with this Clouduccino from Cookut. Eco-friendly, this handy gadget lets you create fabulously frothy milk with no electricity. Simply fill the holder with milk up to the line and pump the special grid for ten seconds, et voilà! Fluffy milk to top your lattes, cappuccinos or hot chocolates.

Bam Bam Bamboo Straws - Set of 6 £14.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Say no to plastics and throwaway culture with this Bam Bam set of 6 reusable straws from Cookut. Perfect to pop in your bag and take with you anywhere, these handy little straws will help you say steer clear of one use plastic. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, a convenient carry bag and straw cleaner is also included. Why not make your next cocktail a little more sustainable?

Mayozen Homemade Mayonnaise Shaker £14.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Make sure your mayonnaise always amazes with Mayozen from Cookut. Offering you delicious homemade mayonnaise without a food processor, the jar has simple to follow instructions and ingredients on the side. Combine an egg yolk, a generous tablespoon of mustard and oil then pop the ‘mayo-turbo’ ball on top. Give the jar a shake and add more oil as indicated. Repeat the process to make the desired amount, et voilà! Tasty mayo in no time.

Milkshock Milkshake Shaker & Glasses £34.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Make mine a milkshake with this MilkShock set from Cookut. Eco-friendly and easy to clean, this set includes a milkshake shaker which whips up creamy homemade milkshakes in 30 seconds. Simply add milk, ice cream and syrup to the shaker and pump for 20 seconds. Once thick and creamy pour it into the included glasses and top with whipped cream and a paper straw.

Sooshi Easy Sushi Kit £28.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Who’s for sushi? With this cute little Sooshi easy sushi kit you’ll want to eat it every night. Including a bamboo mould, press and pushrod, it has everything you need to make perfectly formed sushi rolls, no flight to Japan needed.

Morry Mojito Tool Set & Glasses £28.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Mix up mojitos in record time with this Morry tool and glasses set from Cookut. The handy 4 in 1 tool is made from maple wood and can be used as a measuring cup, citrus reamer, pestle and ice breaker to create mojito master pieces. Including four glasses too, this set is all your need for your next party.

Homemade Guacamole Kit £28.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Get good guac every time with this 3 in 1 tool from Cookut. Designed to prepare, serve and store your guacamole, it will be your trusty companion for every Mexican feast. Simply push the avocado through the grid using the bamboo pestle into the ceramic bowl underneath. Add the other ingredients of your choice and stir. Serve the guacamole straight in the ceramic dish and add the anti-oxidisation lid to store in the fridge.

Burger Chef Burger Grill Set £70.00 Amara (Shop Now)

Get boastful about your burgers with this burger grill set from Cookut. Designed for all types of cooking, this pan has four compartments for you to cook the perfect ingredients for a burger, the buns, onion, cheese and of course, the burger itself. Also including a burger mould if you want to make them yourself and a special pan which slides into the cheese compartment to easily shape and remove the melted cheese, we’ll excuse you if you start having burgers every night.
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