Pixies, Mermaids and Dragons

Add a little fun to your home bar with these amazing creations from Firebox.

Firebox have amassed quite a stable of mythical creatures to bring us some magical gins, vodka, rum and whiskey.

Obviously no mythical creatures were harmed in the making of these beautifully delicious beverages and we have to say if you are looking to add a little fun to your next soirée then you can't go wrong with these in your drinks cabinet plus they make a great gift for anyone who loves a good tipple.

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur £39.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

A mythical spirit made from the tears of humanely raised Unicorns

Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum £39.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

A mythical spirit to infuse some ancient magic into the modern world.

Mermaid Tears Vodka £39.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Premium French Grain vodka made from the tears of Mermaids

Dragon Tears Whisky £39.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Smooth cinnamon spirit drink made with real blended Scotch whisky

Pixie Tears Gin £39.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Crisp elderflower and cucumber gin in an emerald hue for technicolour cocktails

Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur £39.99 Firebox (Shop Now)

Magical raspberry gin liqueur from the tear ducts of REAL unicorns

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