The Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Library

Bringing new meaning to ‘devouring a book’, discover a world of delicious flavour and explore Fortnum & Mason's collectable chocolate bars – a library of classic and soon-to-be classic flavours. And like any great novel, these are ready to be plucked from the shelves and enjoyed time and time again

The Fortnum & Mason Chocolate bar Library is filled with a selection of delicious and interesting flavours, such as Rose & Violet, White Chocolate, Ginger and Honey and many more.

The Chocolate library makes for a perfect reading accompaniment. Happy reading!

Milk Chocolate Praline Filled Bar, 120g £6.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Your taste buds will go nutty for this scrumptious milk chocolate bar filled with a silky smooth praline ganache and an extra cocoa punch. Chocolate and nut lovers delight!

Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Filled Bar, 120g £6.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Bringing together two of life's luxuries - melt-in-the-mouth chocolate and exquisite Marc de Champagne. Enjoy this smooth yet powerful Marc de Champagne ganache encased in creamy milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Rose & Violet Filled Bar, 120g £6.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Within our collectable chocolate bars, which is a library of classic and soon to be classic flavours is this Rose and Violet Filled bar. It is a fresh floral taste encased in dark chocolate. This bar is filled with a rose and violet fondant.

Milk Chocolate Ginger & Honey Filled Bar, 120g £6.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

Almost too sweet for the bees, this bar is filled with smooth ginger and honey ganache and then encased in milk chocolate. Indulge in the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Classic White Chocolate Bar, 75g £5.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

When a ship full of scientists becomes icebound off the coast of Siberia...

Dark Chocolate Mitcham Mint Filled Bar, 120g £6.95 Fortnum & Mason (Shop Now)

A dark chocolate bar filled with real Mitcham mint that is made in the UK. This minty fondant produces a firm filling encased in bitter dark chocolate, this bar is refined and refreshing and perfect treat for after dinner.

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