Biscuiteers Summer Time Treats

The wonderful bakers at Biscuiteers are celebrating Summer in style with a collection for every major event in the season's calendar, including Wimbledon and the Tour de France.

Or maybe you’re just celebrating your own summer holidays? From festival fun to trips to the seaside and strawberries and cream they have got you covered throughout the summer season!

Fruit Basket Luxe Biscuit Tin £45.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

Not quite one of your five a day but just as delicious - 16 hand-iced biscuits - Vanilla flavour

The Bike Race Biscuit Tin £35.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

Inside this collection you'll find eight brightly coloured bike racers all vying for first place - 8 hand-iced biscuits - Vanilla Flavour

Table Football Biscuit Tin £35.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

It’s time to blow the whistle on boring presents with our Football Table Biscuit Tin, inspired by good old vintage table football. It comes with a whole team of players to enjoy, perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea (or beer) and the footie! - 9 hand-iced biscuits - Vanilla Flavour

Beside the Seaside Luxe Biscuit Tin £45.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

All the fun of the beach without the sand between your toes. Our beside the seaside luxe biscuit tin is packed full with everything we love about the British seaside - seagulls, sandcastles, and even ice cream! - 16 hand-iced biscuits - Chocolate flavour

Strawberries and Cream Letterbox Biscuits £9.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

The Strawberries and Cream letterbox biscuits are perfect for celebrating Wimbledon. Whatever the weather, nothing reminds us of long sunny afternoons quite like that most English of pairings: strawberries and cream. - 3 hand-iced biscuits - Chocolate flavour

Cricket Letterbox Biscuits £20.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

Howzat! The Cricket letterbox biscuits are a winning gift for any cricket fan, including everything from the bat to the wickets!- 5 hand-iced biscuits - Vanilla flavour

Shells Letterbox Biscuits £20.00 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

What's better than searching for perfect shells on the beach? Biscuit shells - of course! These four pretty pastel shells make the perfect Summer treat. - 4 hand-iced biscuits - Vanilla flavour

Spotty Dotty Jolly Ginger £6.95 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

When the sun's out, Dotty's out! You'll find her taking in the rays, in her spotty cossie and signature heart sunnies.- Single hand-iced biscuit - Gingerbread flavour

Billy Holiday Jolly Ginger £6.95 Biscuiteers (Shop Now)

Billy's going on a, Summer holiday. You'll find him in his tropical shorts, sunnies and flip flops, ready for the beach come rain or shine! Single hand-iced biscuit - Gingerbread flavour
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