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Sometimes scraps of papers, sticky tabs and a spiral tatty pad are not enough for you to get organised both at home and work , so get professional with a Paperchase planner lots of different styles so you can schedule your week, month and plan ahead with ease.

We love the accountability of the various planners , so your not just organised but also getting to grips with all your tasks.

MiGoals Weekly Desk Pad £8.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

Stay ahead of the game with the Weekly Pad. Featuring a 7 day spread, 11 dedicated tasks per day and a weekly habit tracker. The weekly pad is the perfect tool to tackle your week.

NOTEM Weekly Desk Planner £14.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

Start the week with a plan! Capture plans and meetings – yours, mine, theirs – as you start your week. This Weekly Planner provides the overview that you need – and there is also room for notes.

Before Breakfast Desktop Salmon Notepad £15.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

A large notebook with a  number of options for you to organise yourself and to jot down what you need to do over the week as well as to scribble down your thoughts or ideas; anything that brings your inspiration throughout the day.

A4 Fleur Dated Mid-Year Desk Pad £8.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

Start the (academic) year right armed with a diary and stay on top of you your appointments, meetings, dinner dates and after work drinks!

A4 Organise Me Desk Pad £10.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

Have you been saying "Organise me!" a lot recently? Well, this desk pad is ideal to get on top of the to-do list and stop weirding out your coworkers.

Risotto A3 Pink Weekly Desk Pad £18.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

It's so much harder to forget tasks when your desk pad is genuinely gigantic!

MiGoals Focus Desk Pad £8.00 John Lewis (Shop Now)

Stay focused with a comprehensive to-do list, scheduler, collaborator and accountability partner to help you structure how you’ll work together and when you’ll work together.

NOTEM Daily Desk Planner £14.00 Paperchase (Shop Now)

Start and end your day with your reserves of energy intact! This Daily Overview is designed to help you prioritise and to visualise exactly what you hope to achieve today. Tackle the day with a plan.
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